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what is the dark?


A unique experience, The Dark gives you an opportunity to explore a specially created three-dimensional audio environment in which the echoes of virtual ghosts inhabit a haunted soundscape.

In The Dark your eyes will be of no use to you - instead, you will need to rely on your ears and your imagination to find your way through a maze of troubled ghosts and unlock the mysteries of their lives.

You can experience The Dark in two ways: visit the touring INSTALLATION or experience the ONLINE VERSION.

The installation is a completely dark space which groups of up to fifteen people can enter and experience simultaneously.

The Dark online is an individual experience, listened to through headphones.


The online version of The Dark can be explored using a standard computer with sound capabilities, broadband internet access and headphones.

You will be able to hear an extended version of the Dark installation, challenges from the characters' dreams and readings of two Rushton poems.

The Dark website is the first virtual world on the web with a completely black screen. Prepare to involve yourslef in a very different kind of online experience.

All of the content is delivered through audio and often parts of the story are told simultaneously by different characters. You will need to make decisions about who you listen to as the characters speak with different perspectives on the action. You might well want to revisit scenes to catch all of the dialogue or to get a different perspective on an event.

Navigate through The Dark using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard, and take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts to further control your passage through the story.




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