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'Dark past down at the Dock'
'Drama in the dark - a sound performance'
Laura Davis, Liverpool Daily Post


'It is an unnerving but exciting and educational experience.'
Rt Hon Estelle Morris MP, Minister for the Arts, 24th March 2004


'That's the beauty of this simple and effective installation: you create all the drama and all the horror.'
Hermione Eyre, Independent on Sunday, 21st March 2004


'The effect is scary and disorientating. People hallucinate and lose track of time.'

Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times Culture section, 28th March 2004
Link to the online Bryan Appleyard feature

'The installation gives visitors a chance to discover how sounds influence their imagination'

Katy Morris, 24 Hour Museum, 24th March 2004
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[The Dark] is certainly making an impression on those going to experience it
Mani Djazmi, In Touch, BBC Radio 4
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